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Waikato district consumption levels

Our water treatment plant staff keep a close eye on water consumption levels – or put simply, how much water people are using.

These readings are taken at the water treatment plants. It includes all water used in homes and businesses that use the Council’s water supply except Pokeno  and Tuakau. We measure water-use in millions of litres.

To understand how much water we are talking about, just think, one million litres is about 6250 baths of water!

Forecast for catchment area

Local rain will be great for our farms, gardens, parks and local waterways. However for our water supply, we need the rain to fall in the Waikato River catchment.

A water catchment is an area where water is collected by the natural landscape and eventually flows to a creek, river, dam or lake.

This forecast shows the area where we need rain to feed our water supply. Our waters staff keep a very close eye on this!