• Water your lawn only when it really needs it. A good way to test this is to step on the grass. If it springs back up immediately, the grass doesn’t need watering. If the grass remains flat, it needs watering.
  • Deep soak your lawn instead of giving your lawn a quick drink every night. It is better to give
    your lawn a long soak every 3-5 days rather than a short daily water. Your lawn will develop deeper and
    stronger roots.
  • Grow your grass a little bit longer in summer. Taller grass holds water better and will stay greener for longer.
  • Let the lawn go brown -  it won’t die off completely but will spring back to life when it rains again.
  • Use a timer with your sprinkler and make sure you position your sprinklers so the water lands on your lawn or garden, not paved areas or unsuspecting neighbours.
  • If laying a new lawn, consider warm season grasses that can withstand summer temperatures and don't need a lot of water or mowing.
  • Service your lawnmower annually to keep the blades sharp —a clean cut stops grass blades from losing water.
  • Consider reducing the amount of lawn in your yard by planting shrubs and ground covers appropriate to your site and region.


Want to learn more ways to look after your lawn? Watch KJ the Turf Manager for FMG Stadium Waikato and Seddon Park as he shows you how to keep your lawn looking great in the hottest and driest part of the year.

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