We know kids love to play with water so we have got a few ideas to keep the fun happening but lowering the amount of water you use. Try them out, let us know what you think and share with friends and family!


Have you got a keen mini gardener at home? Get them involved in this low water, upcycled project.

What you need:

  • Thumb tack
  • Clean milk bottle (or any plastic bottle with lid and a handle)
  • String
  • Optional: paint, markers, clear varnish

How to do it:

Use the thumb tack to press holes into the lid. Wiggle it around to make the holes a bit wider. Cover the whole surface with holes.

Tie a bit of string through one of the holes and tie to the handle. This will make sure the lid doesn't get lost.

Optional: You child can decorate the bottle. Once the paint is dry add a varnish or transparent spray paint to give it a protective layer so the paint doesn't come right off.

Smart Water Tip:
Watering by hand saves heaps of water. Getting children involved is a great time to teach about what plants to water and when to water.

The best time to water plants is early morning and evening. Plants thrive if they are watered for longer every 3 days rather than a daily short water.

Photo courtesy of the Royal Horticultural Society


Sick of trying to pick up all the rubber water balloons after the last party? Spend a few minutes to make these sponge water bombs, they can be reused and save you from water balloon litter! They're great fun for all ages, even teenagers.

What you need:

  • Sponges, look for thicker ones
  • Good scissors
  • Strong string, or cable ties
  • Two buckets

How to do it:
Cut your sponges into long fingers.  Then use string/cable ties to secure in the middle.  If using cable ties, make sure you trim the remainder off, to remove the risk of scratching.

Place two buckets (half full) in different areas of your garden and let the children go wild!  They can make rules, set home bases – the possibilities are endless!

Smart Water tip:
When sprinkler restrictions are in place - this is a great alternative activity to keep children entertained and cool in the summer.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Hollis 


Download the Smart Water play booklet for more fun ideas to do with your children.

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