22 MARCH 2021

World Water Day is celebrated across the globe every year on 22 March. It’s all about appreciating water, learning more about it and reminding us that water is an important resource for us all, especially in summer. This year's theme is all about what water means to people, its’ true value and how we can better protect this vital resource. With extreme and unpredictable weather patterns water has become more scarce and it’s time to appreciate water, learn more about it and be reminded that water is a precious resource for all of us to use and enjoy.

Each year we run a World Water Day activity and competition for schools.  Registrations are limited so get in quick!

How will you be a Water Smart legend in 2021? 
To celebrate the day, we’re encouraging everyone to be a water smart legend - lead by example and change one daily water habit. This might be turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, using the half flush instead of the full flush or having a shorter shower (less than four minutes). Remember, every little bit helps!
Get your class involved!
Our water smart legend challenge has been designed to get your students’ creative juices flowing. Each student needs to think of their own water saving action and design a sticker which can be applied close to a water outlet. This could be at school or home and is designed to remind students of the action they have chosen and encourage others to be smart with water too.  We have special no mark vinyl stickers which stick very well to glass and smooth surfaces, but peel right off and leave no trace or residue. 

This year we have an amazing prize…
One lucky school will win a fully installed rainwater harvesting system.  Rain will be collected from the roof and stored in two 250 litre barrels which can be used to water outside areas. The winning class will be shown how the rainwater system works and will be given an inspiring talk on water conversation. We also have smart water prize packs for two runner-up classes.  

All teachers who register will get a Smart Water supporters kit containing one smart water drink bottle and a set of stickers for the class. Schools only need to provide permanent markers to use on the stickers.
To register for this challenge and to be-in-to win all you need to do is:

·        Register Here

·        Complete the sticker activity

·        Email photos of your finished stickers to Smart Water by Wednesday 31st March 2021 (they       must be attached to the area of where water is most likely to be wasted) 

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