UN World Water Day is celebrated across the globe every year on 22 March. It’s all about appreciating water, learning more about it and reminding us that water is an important resource for us all, especially in summer.

To celebrate the day, we’re encouraging everyone to change one daily water habit. This might be having a shorter shower (less than four minutes), turning off the tap while soaping your hands or using the half flush instead of the full flush. Remember every little bit helps!

We also want to hear from the kids too!  This year’s Smart Water challenge encourages students to get their creative juices flowing and design an informative and water saving sticker which can be applied close to a water outlet. This could be at school or home and is designed to encourage the Smart Water way to do things. 


Smart Water and your local council would like to offer one class the chance to win a trip to your local water treatment plant*, bus travel and a Smart Water goodie bag for everyone!  You’ll also win an iPad mini to document the trip.

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