Water saving tips

It's easy to start saving water around the house and in the garden. Check out these topics for ways to be smart with your water.

Short showers saves you money
Each minute you add to your shower time uses about 14 litres of water. For a household of three that extra minute costs you about $90 a year in electricity.

Don't just watch the shower warming up
Use a bucket in the shower to catch water as it warms up. It’s easy to carry out of the house so you can keep water hungry herbs happy in summer.

Was your house built around 1990 or more recently?
If you have a mains pressure hot water system you could be using more water in your shower than you need. The handheld type of shower head is very easy and cheap to retrofit it with a flow restrictor. If you have a fixed to the wall shower head contact your plumber for options.

Be a tidy kiwi, put it in the bin!
Using your loo as a rubbish bin uses heaps of water (average flush is over 6 litres of water) and also causes a lot of issues when treating waste water too.

Have a couple of thousand worms eat your food scraps, or compost!
Waste disposal units use about 30 litres of water per day and send a lot of extra rubbish into water treatment centres.

Fill it up before flicking the switch
Fill your dishwasher completely before running.  Dishwashers use a huge amount of electricity so doing this will save you money as well.

Rubba dub dub, put your veges in a tub!
When washing fruit and veges use a small bowl instead of a running tap. Then you can also reuse that water!

Slow the flow
Install an aerator or flow restrictor on sink taps. This allows you to control your water use easier and still get the job done.

Love shopping? The more stars the better
When buying a new washing machine, consider those that offer cycle and load size adjustments. They’re more water and energy efficient.  There are great water savings to be had!  A 4.5 star washing machine uses 70 litres per wash, compared to a 3 star washing machine which uses 120 litres per wash.

Hold off for a full wash
That saves water and electricity! The average volume of water for a single load of washing is just over 120 litres.

Catch that water
When soaking clothes use a bucket instead of the tub so you can chuck it on a shrub that needs some love.

The silent sprinkler
If you are using a sprinkler or drip lines, set a timer to remind yourself to turn it off!

Make mulch your friend
Mulch is a layer of organic matter that covers the soil. Good quality mulch can save about 70% of water from being lost to evaporation loss. It also keeps the weeds down, stops runoff and adds goodness to the soil.

Evaporation is enemy number one
Water your garden early in the morning or later in the evening to maximise absorption to the plants.

Planning and planting
When planning a new garden look for natives that suit our climate, or group plants with the same watering needs together.

Get in the know
Use a rain gauge or a tin to monitor rainfall at your house and adjust your watering to suit.

Wait to water
Water your lawn only when it really needs it. A good way to test this is to step on the grass. If it springs back up-it doesn’t need watering. If it stays flat it needs watering.

Deep soak your lawn instead of giving your lawn a quick drink every night.
This helps the grass to become more deeply rooted seeking out moisture from the deep soil and it makes your lawn stronger.

Grow your grass a little bit longer in summer
Taller grass holds water better and it will stay greener for longer. Let the lawn go brown, it wont die off completely but will spring back to life when it rains again.

Take aim with your sprinkler
Use a timer with your sprinkler and take good aim, make sure you position your sprinklers so the water lands on your lawn or garden, not paved areas or unsuspecting neighbours.

Warm season grasses
Find out about how warm season grasses look great in summer temperatures and don't need a lot of water or mowing, check out our videos.

We all love having a garden to simply enjoy, pick flowers from, grow food and play in. Planting a more smart water landscape will help you to maintain your garden during the hot summer months without using a huge amount of water.

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