Frequently asked questions

Why should I save water?
Why hasn’t Council built the infrastructure to meet demand?
Why are some areas on water restrictions and not others?
Why does council not follow its own water restrictions?
Why is Council watering sports grounds/stadium during restrictions?
What triggers the need to implement Water Alert Levels?
Where does my water come from?
Why do we have water restrictions?
My area has water meters, why do we have water restrictions?
What are the water restrictions?
Do the water restrictions apply to businesses?
What does 'alternate days' mean? What is the 'letterbox rule'?
What is a sprinkler?
What do you mean by hand-held hosing?
How do water restrictions affect filling and using pools?
Can my kids still play with water toys or under the sprinkler?
We've been at Water Alert Levels 1, 2 and 3 before, what would Alert Level 4 be like?
How can I learn about using water wisely?
What is grey water?
What is a rainwater tank?
Will we be fine if we get lots of rain?
There's lots of water in the Waikato River, bores and streams, so why do we need water restrictions?
There's lots of water in the Waikato River - why do we have to save water?
Why do we need to be careful with bore or spring water?
How do the water levels of Waikato River and Lake Taupō effect how much water can be taken from the rivers?
What should I do if I see someone wasting water?
Will a leak be fixed straight away once it has been reported?
Why can car wash businesses operate when we have water restrictions?
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