It's United Nations World Water Day March 22nd.  This year's theme is 'Water for peace'

Connect with water

Smart Water: Integrated inquiry cycle


Getting to know water

In this activity, students are introduced to the context of freshwater and reflect on their prior experiences and knowledge. It explores water origins and the availability of fresh water on Earth. Includes power point slide show 'A Drop in the Bucket' to guide you through a class demonstration.



Water in nature

In this activity, students learn about the states of water that exist in nature as well as the processes that are part of the water cycle.



Inquiry plan and student reflection

This slideshow is part of a larger inquiry unit about freshwater by Smart Water and the Science Learning Hub. The slideshow relates to all activity topics in the Smart Water Schools Resource. Questions to start your class thinking about water and record their results. Teachers notes within slideshow provide extra discussion points and links to further resources.



Water is everywhere

Water appears to be plentiful and all around us in NZ. Oceans surround us. There are hundreds of lakes and rivers. Some South Island regions get more than 10 metres of rain each year. We have so much water, it’s easy to forget how important and unusual water really is. This short video explores states of water and places we find water. Courtesy of Science Learning Hub.

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