Water restrictions lifted earlier than ever before

Published: 26/02/2018

Water services manager Tony Hale said higher rainfall and lower demand meant restrictions were no longer needed. 

"Since 1 January this year we have had 435mm rain; a 60 per cent increase on the same period last year. This rain and the community's response to restrictions, particularly during peak times, has been fantastic and gone a long way to helping secure our water supply for the remaining warmer months."

Hale acknowledged that dramatic changes in the weather this summer made restrictions hard to manage as the situation varied drastically from one day to the next.

"The warm and dry weather early in the season meant people were watering gardens and filling pools a lot earlier than previous years which put pressure on our supply. Coupled with little rainfall and depleting water storage, we were prompted to shift to Alert Level 3; the earliest shift to this level since 2010."

Waipa's water usage peaked during December, using 31 million litres of water on 19 December.

Hale acknowledged all Waipa residents for their patience during what has been a tricky summer.

"We appreciate everyone’s conservation efforts and encourage everyone to continue to be mindful of their use for the rest of the season."

Waikato District are also moving off water restrictions today, while Hamilton City remains at Alert Level One.

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