When it rains it pours, but when it's sunny we need to be smart with water

Published: 24/12/2014

Water teams from the three Councils are closely monitoring daily water use and at this stage, water restrictions aren’t required.  But with the Christmas and holiday period nearing Sally Fraser, Smart Water Coordinator says Waikato residents are urged to be cautious about their water use.

“Everyone in our district has a part to play in conserving water now and in the future. Making smart choices, such as limiting the use of your sprinkler in your garden or fixing a leaking tap, can have a positive impact on water levels.”

“Although the wet weather has helped us avoid restrictions so far, the demand for water will increase as the weather gets warmer and dryer. We encourage everyone to continue their great efforts and be smart about their water use.”

Last summer, Waikato District, Waipa District and Hamilton City Councils’ moved to water alert level 1 on 20 November which limited the use of sprinklers to alternate days and certain times.

The Smart Water Starts with You! sub-regional summer campaign aims to make long-term change to how we use water and is a joint venture between Waikato District Council, Hamilton City Council, and Waipa District Council.
At present there are no water alert levels in place, due to greater rainfall in spring over Lake Taupo.

For more information on the campaign and for tips on saving water visit

For more information:
Sally Fraser
Smart Water Co-ordinator
DDI: 07 838 6787 | Email:

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