Water alerts drop in Waipa

Published: 25/03/2020

 Te Awamutu, Pirongia, Ohaupo and rural surrounds can breathe a sigh of relief as water alert levels drop to level two on Wednesday 25 March, allowing outdoor watering for the first time since 12 February.

Water alert two me​ans households can use sprinklers and irrigation systems on alternative days only between 6am to 8am and 6pm to 8pm.

Properties with even numbers can use sprinklers on even dates, e.g. 26 March, whereas odd numbered properties would use sprinklers on odd-numbered dates e.g. 27 March. Handheld hosing can be done anytime.

Waipa District Council’s water services manager Martin Mould said the drop is now possible thanks to the recent weather changes and the community reducing their water use when we really needed to.

“The drop in demand has allowed our dams and reservoirs to recover to where we are able to lift the full outdoor ban. We’re now able to supply water to the reservoirs and keep them replenished while allowing our treatment plants to take short breaks rather than running at maximum capacity.” 

“Waikato is still in drought conditions so we do encourage people to continue to remember that water is a precious resource and keep using those smart water tips to keep water use down where possible.” Martin said.

“Sprinklers can use on average 1,000 litres of water an hour so be cautious with use.”

Further afield, Cambridge and Kihikihi water levels have now been lifted and residents can continue with their regular use as normal.

“We would like to thank each and every member of our community for their outstanding efforts during this drought, through turning off a tap or reporting a water waster.  It has not gone unnoticed.

“ I’d also like to thank the water services team at Waipā for the long hours they’ve endured during this time to help manage water flows.” Martin added.

For more information about water alerts, or for tips to help conserve water,  head to www.smartwater.org.nz. 
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