Use Smart Water tips this Auckland Anniversary weekend

Published: 27/01/2021

Water managers at Waipā District and Hamilton City Council say the long weekend is a great time to remind residents to keep being smart with water as people return from summer holidays.

Waipā’s Water Services Manager Martin Mould, said the long-weekend was typically a trigger for high water use as residents wash boats and other vehicles, and run a number of washing loads in preparation for the upcoming school start.

“Most of the district’s schools start Term One next week so there’s a lot of school uniforms being washed in preparation. We recommend to always wash full loads, and if possible, run it overnight when water demand is lower.

“If you’re thinking about washing your boat or vehicle after being away, make sure you use a hose with trigger nozzle so you’re not wasting water, and put the vehicle on grass so that can get a good soaking too.”

Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager Maire Porter said long weekends typically signal the start of higher water use across the city as temperatures begin to soar.

“We usually see a huge spike in water use over the long weekends with people returning from holidays, so this is a good time to be reminded to use water sustainably.

“We can all do our part, whether it be helping to educate a neighbour or making changes to your own water usage – it all helps and it all counts. And remember, if you see water wastage, report it immediately so we can act,” says Porter.

If you have concerns about wasteful water use or water leaks, visit the Smart Water website and fill-in the water concern form.

More tips about saving water around the home can be found at

Residents can also sign up to the Smart Water e-newsletter to be notified of changing water alert levels at


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