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Water restrictions lifted for Hamilton and Wāipa

Published: 17/03/2021

The change in temperature and rainy forecasts combined with residents being careful with their water use, particularly outdoors, has meant that alert levels are no longer required.

Hamilton City Council’s City Waters Manager Ms Porter said the city's overall water use has been tracking well the past few weeks.

“We really appreciate the effort Hamiltonians make, and it has been great to see the way in which the community responded to the water alert levels and made changes to the way they used water, as it really does make a difference.

"But even though water alerts have been removed, we need to be mindful that water is a precious resource and we would encourage people to continue to use water smartly year-round.”

Wāipa District Council Water Services Manager Martin Mould said Waipā residents made a great effort to be mindful of water use this summer.

“Residents in Waipā have been exceptionally good with consistently low water use across the summer, which has enabled our water alerts to stay at lower levels.

“We also had fewer reported water wasters this summer which is certainly a positive sign. We hope this great behaviour will continue across the year as we look after our precious resource.”

Mould added the Council is currently undergoing improvements to the water supply for Te Awamutu, Pirongia and Ohaupo which involves upgrading the Parallel Road Treatment Plant and installing a new pipeline between the Waikato River and Te Awamutu. The project is expected to be completed by October 2021.

“This project will make our supply for the Pukerimu and Te Awamutu catchments more resilient, so we won’t be as impacted by fluctuating weather patterns in the future, but it is good practice to be conservative with water all year-round.”

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