Decreased consumption lowers water alert level in Hamilton
Published: 21/02/2018

A decrease in the amount of water being consumed and wet weather forecasted for the coming week has seen the city's water alert level drop back to Water Alert Level 1.

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Community effort lowers water alert level
Published: 25/01/2018

Waipa district has dropped to water alert level two following a decrease in water use by Waipā residents.

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Councils urge residents to cut down on non-essential water use
Published: 21/12/2017

Hamilton City Council is asking residents to cut back on non-essential water use to reduce the need for additional water restrictions.

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No sprinklers: Waip? moves to Water Alert Level 3
Published: 18/12/2017

Water use in Waipa district has hit a record high for December, prompting a move to Water Alert Level 3 - effective immediately.

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Save water, Council warns
Published: 12/12/2017

Waipa District Council is warning further water restrictions will be necessary if residents don’t start cutting back their water use.

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